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Most owners have from 50% to 90% of their personal net worth tied up in the business and its supporting assets. Based in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, my exit planning services identify and implement strategies to maximize the value of the business and tax-efficiently logo navixconvert that value into the owner(s) personal financial freedom. NAVIX is a system that helps business owners plan for and achieve happy exits.  So if you are ready to implement tested and proven exit strategies visit us online today and request a free 60-minute consultation.
My strong coaching and consulting background can be fully utilized by implementing a comprehensive approach to preparing you and your business for exit.  I work with business owners to address both key business issues while supporting the business owner in a myriad of personal challenges that go along with the process of preparing for the next chapter of their lives.
I am certified in a couple of powerful assessments, The Predictive Index and Hogan which are great tools to optimize the work of high-performance teams.

60-minute free consultation!


Carlos is a Consultant at Navix, a leading firm in Exit Planning, and the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of CDuno Coaching and Consulting (since 2004).  From 2006 to 2019 he co-owned The Hire Firm, the leading Executive Recruiting and Staffing firm in Northern New Mexico.  He is certified in The Predictive Index and Hogan.


I am a Certified Executive and Transition Coach. I specialize in Executive Management and Leadership development. I partner with executives and teams to engage and inspire those around them, to build trust and collaboration in challenging situations, to manage conflict and foster communication, and to create a positive impact on productivity and bottom-line results.  I use Assessments like The Predictive Index and Hogan to improve personal and team performance.


My management consulting services focus on small and medium-sized businesses and their the most critical issues and opportunities, specifically in strategy development, organization, operations, transformation, finance, and mergers & acquisitions.